DIANA Products

Rubbing Alcohol

DIANA rubbing alcohol is available in the classic glass bottle of 100ml and 250ml and in a 125ml plastic bottle with pump spray if you are on the go. Especially the pump spray makes dosing even easier and the small, lightweight bottle fits in every pocket.

DIANA rubbing alcohol is a home remedy according to original recipes of the old DIANA pharmacy since 1897 and has firmly established itself on the Austrian market for over 125 years.

DIANA rubbing alcohol promotes blood circulation, the natural menthol cools the skin and provides immediately noticeable relief. It will make you feel fresh again, relax your muscles and enhance your well-being.

DIANA rubbing alcohol applications:

    • for sore muscles and after exertion
    • when the weather changes
    • when your head feels heavy
    • for foot care
    • for compressors on the head, chest and joints
    • with everyday aches and pains
    • with exhaustion, fatigue and discomfort

Sport Balsam

DIANA Sport Balsam is available in a glass jar of 125ml or in a practical tube of 75ml, ideal if you are on the go.

DIANA Sport Balsam cools the skin with refreshing, natural menthol and promotes blood circulation. DIANA Sport Balsam has the nourishing properties of a cream, is non-greasing and absorbs quickly. You feel refreshed and well cared for the whole day.

DIANA Sport Balsam applications:

    • before and after exercise
    • with sore muscles
    • Tension, fatigue
    • before and after Sauna


Shower Foam

DIANA shower foam cools, refreshes and revitalizes your skin with refreshing, natural menthol – long after showering! With its caring qualities it gently cleanses, provides a unique pleasant skin feeling and promotes blood circulation.

Apply to damp skin – leave on for a short time. Immediately you feel the cooling freshness kick and feel fresh and cared for all day long!


  • for fatigue and exhaustion
  • after physical exertion
  • in hot and humid weather
  • for the increase of the well-being

Refreshing Tissue

The individually wrapped refreshing tissues are impregnated with original DIANA rubbing alcohol. Your perfect companion at work, while doing sports, going hiking or when travelling. The perfect freshness kick to go in proven DIANA quality since 1897!

DIANA refreshing tissue application:

  • in heat and humid weather
  • for sore muscles and after exertion
  • with exhaustion, fatigue & discomfort
  • when your head feels heavy and for everyday aches and pains
  • with tired, hot or sweaty legs

Insider tip: rub your neck and temples before long drives!

Spirit of Melissa

DIANA Spirit of Melissa is available in the glass bottle of 100ml and 250ml.

DIANA Spirit of Melissa is a versatile and natural home remedy. With the power of Melissa and a number of valuable herbs such as chamomile, gentian root, anise, peppermint, rosemary, juniper berry and ginger, DIANA Spirit of Melissa covers an extremely wide range of applications. In addition, DIANA Spirit of Melissa contains natural essential oils of orange, which provide a refreshing, pleasant taste.

DIANA Spirit of Melissa is not only pleasant, but also tasty and can therefore be taken undiluted in contrast to pure herbal distillates.

DIANA Spirit of Melissa applications:

    • for mental well-being and receptiveness
    • helps with healthy sleeping
    • digestion aiding properties
    • for changing weather and diet when travelling
    • with risk of catching cold and weather sensitivity


Our DIANA products have been awarded the ‚AUSTRIA certified quality‘-mark in 1979. It is an identification mark for Austrian goods on the highest quality level.

The ‚AUSTRIA certified quality‘-mark stands for:

  • Local products and services of the highest quality
  • Quality that exceeds legal requirements
  • Ongoing testing by independent, state-authorized testers
  • Honesty, transparency and security – visible at a glance
  • Promoting the Austrian economy